About Us


I tend to call myself a Renaissance man. I love woodworking and creating things with my hands. I have a culinary & hospitality background and spend my free time reading and with family.


When I’m not at school teaching, I’m with my kids. I love eating out, finding new places, and trying new things. Travelling is one of my favorite things to do. Favorite hobby? Let’s be real… it’s relaxing on the couch with my phone in hand, or sleeping.

How long have you been photographers?

Josh: This is my full time “job” and I’m loving every second! I’ve had a passion for photography for about 18 years, and professionally for 11 years.


Mallory: I’ve been capturing images for 17 years, and professionally for 11 years. I’m also an art/photography teacher at Vestal High School and an adjunct photography professor through the SUNY Broome Fast Forward Program.

Where are you located?

We're a husband and wife team based out of the Southern Tier region of New York State allowing us to easily do events in all areas of the Northeast.  

Do you travel?

ABSOLUTELY! We love to travel and discover new places.

Do we always get two photographers?

Of course! We’re not J or M Photography we’re J & M Photography. We feel a wedding should be captured in all aspects, and this means we have to be in multiple locations at one time. This can only be done with multiple shooters. 

How long does it take to get my photos?

We strive to turn around our weddings in 6-8 weeks. Portrait sessions typically take 1-2 weeks. This time frame does vary due to time of year and work load, but we try to get them to you a.s.a.p.

How early should I book?

As soon as possible! We are booking a year to two years in advance and only shoot a limited number of weddings per year.

Do you have insurance?


How many weddings do you shoot per year?

Typically, we shoot 15-25 per year. This gives us some breathing room to enjoy life and our family. It also allows us to focus on you and give our full attention to your photographs, capturing your memories.

Are your prices flexible?

No, not really. We value our time and feel we’re priced accordingly. BUT! Of course, every wedding is different and it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Will you cancel on us or what happens if you can’t make it?

NO, NO, NO, NO! This has never happened and hopefully never will! Of course, life happens. However, it would take an act of nature, death, major illness, etc.! In the event this should happen, we would put our all into arranging another photographer to replace us. If we are unable to get a photographer to your wedding, you would be fully refunded.

Why hire us?

We love photography for the moments when we capture something real, something fun, something fantastic. It's an emotion of joy, risk, amazement and immense possibility. Knowing that the images we capture can stay in your heart for a lifetime, is why we do what we do. We strive to photograph moments that capture the feeling of the day. We believe the attention of the day should be about you and your guests, not the photographer.

Couples' Choice Awards -2020

We are so proud of our Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Award! We strive to be the best for our clients! Check out what real couples have to say on our wedding wire page!